Puppy Questionnaire

Please copy and paste this questionnaire as an email to:  gatsugoldens@bellsouth.net





Your Occupation: 

Your Spouse’s Occupation: 

Number of adults in the family:                 Number of children:             Ages:

Do you have any other animals in your home?   How many, species, ages, etc.? 

Have you ever owned a dog?   Which breeds?   What happened to him or her?

If you have ever owned a Golden Retriever, from whom did you acquire it?

Do you have experience with the breed?

Why did you decide on a Golden Retriever?

Please describe the type of housing situation you are presently living in. 

Do you consider your yard large, small, average?

Is your yard fenced?             Type of fencing:

Where will you dog spend most of its time?   In the house:        Fenced yard:      
House with dog door access:        Other:

Generally, how much time will the dog be alone during the day and night?

Do all adults work outside the home?   If both of you work, how will you take care of the puppy during the day? 

In spite of the best care and the best breeding practices, health problems may occur that require surgery or extensive treatment.  These problems can include but are not limited to:  OCD, hip dysplasia, liver shunts, allergies, cancer, accidental poisoning, and auto accidents.  Can you afford good veterinary care and are you willing to invest in your puppy in the event of health problems?         

Are you willing to take your dog to obedience classes so that it will become an enjoyable companion and good canine citizen?

Are you interested in your dog for (check all that apply):

therapy dog_____tracking_____obedience_____hunt tests_____

Have you ever completed an AKC title in obedience, field or conformation?   Please list the titles completed. 

Preference for sex of puppy?       Male _____   Female _____  Either _____

What type of personality are you looking for in your puppy? 

Are you willing to buy and use a crate?

Are you familiar with proper crate use?

Are you willing to abide by a contract that specifies matters regarding registrations, health, breeding, and general care requirements?

Will you agree to spay or neuter the puppy?

If not purchasing a puppy for conformation showing, will you accept a limited registration (does not allow offspring of your pup to be registered or your dog to compete in conformation)?

Until your dog is at least two years old, are you willing to keep it thin, on an adult premium dog food, and not expose him to exercise that jeopardizes joint formation?

Are you willing to keep the dog on heartworm preventative and safe flea/tick control products?

Is there any additional information you would like to share?

References:  Please list 3 with names, addresses and phone numbers.  If you have had a dog before, please list the veterinarian as one of those references.

If you are considering breeding this dog, are you willing to obtain all the necessary clearances beforehand:  OFA Hips and Elbows, CERF, SAS, Brucellosis?

If you are not considering breeding this dog, are you still willing to obtain clearances of the above, providing copies of those clearances to me to help me maintain the highest breeding standards?

If you decide to breed this dog, are you agreeable to consult me before selecting a proper mate and that this mate has all its clearances mentioned above before breeding?

If this puppy/dog is bought for the purpose of showing and/or breeding and it is found not to be of breeding or show quality, would you spay or neuter it upon the request of the breeder?

Are you willing to place all puppies that are being sold as family companions to pet homes on an AKC limited registration?

Are you willing to have a contract on any puppies that are being sold that may be bred, on a contract that will state that before they are bred that they should be a minimum of 24 months, will have their final OFA clearances and an eye and heart clearance from a cardiologist?

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